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        1. Welcome to Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co., Ltd.!
          +00 86 139-1884-3937
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          Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
          Add:Building 10, No.135 Guowei Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai.
          Sales Manager:+00 86 139-1884-3937 

          Technical Support:021-65068551


          About us
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          Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co., Ltd(referred to as Polyton), founded in 2009, is a diversified company which has established deep cooperation with Tongji University in both academic and industrial area. For more than 9 years, We have had excellent experience and ability in R&D, manufacturing and marketing for new-material industry. We provide professional solutions in the field of special polymer adhesives. Moreover, we offer technical service to support our clients in product application .

          After many years developing the market, our product has been a new option in Rubber-to-substrate adhesive industry. By the end of 2017, we have had more than 10 products, including 813, 815, 821, 821LF, 822, 823, 826, 830, 838, etc. All these products can satisfy our clients for the bonding of substrates to rubber in different situations.

          By continuous development and innovation, Polyton's products and technology now can meet almost all kinds of the demands of our clients; on the other hand, we focus on environmental sustainability as well to protect the plant we are living in. We have had fully independent intellectual property rights in the field of hot vulcanization adhesives and more than 10 patent certificates so far. We also successfully applied many national and provincial funds which brings us more confidence and power to move on. In 2017, Polyton attained "China's High and New-Technology Enterprise(HNTE)"status, which is a milestone for us.

          As a Rubber to Metal Adhesive producer, Polyton has sufficient experience in application such as automotive NVH, industrial damping, rubber bearing, rubber roller, rubber track etc. We can provide professional solutions and technical support for customers in different ways such as environmental upgrades, processing optimization, quality, efficiency, cost, extend the life of the equipment, etc. Our idea is to be a trustable long-term partner of every customer through our products.

          Currently Polyton has built the sales network throughout the country in order to serve customers more conveniently.

          Polyton will always be self-motivated, hard-working, and strive to develop the cutting edge solutions in new chemical materials industry.

          Shanghai Polyton New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
          Add:Building 10, No.135 Guowei Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai.